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Tips for Moving into an Apartment

            When it comes time for a big move, it is very easy to come across a plethora of things in your home you either no longer use or have kept stored away “just in case.” When moving into an apartment, space might become a bit more limited than what you are used to. So, going through everything might seem like a huge step to take, but you will thank yourself later once you realize just how much stuff you actually do have.

            From sorting through excess décor to parting ways with that old sofa in the basement, contemplating simplicity can be rather easy if you prioritize the things you use daily. This is the time to make a list of all the things you love and cherish regularly, so you have ample room in your new apartment to fill the new space with.

            Let Moceri Companies help you through this transitional period as you write the next chapter of a new, exciting living experience. Take a look at some of the tips below to help better prepare you for what could be one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make!

Back to Basics: Choose Wisely!

            This brings us back to the point of contemplating simplicity. Consider the things in your current living arrangement that you find most useful and enjoyable. Things like your favorite coffee maker or your clothes iron and ironing board are items you just will not be able to part with. Make a list of the things in your home now that you know you use regularly. Then, make a separate list of the things that you use on occasion, like during a holiday or a specific time of year. These two lists will help you in choosing many of the items you want to bring with you and what items you can sell, donate, or purge altogether.

            What might help you is to imagine yourself in your apartment as you compose your lists. Think about the amount of storage you will have going forward. Granted, you may have a great amount of storage in your apartment. Nonetheless, simply because you have space does not exactly mean you should fill every corner of it! Consolidate the items you only need one of like a set of dishes or the variety of winter coats you keep stored away. Choose your most used and sentimental things wisely as you make this transition into an apartment.

Keep Your Boxes or Plastic Bins

            Whether you decide to sort through your things before or after the move, make sure to keep the boxes and bins you use for other purposes. Use these storage bins to collect the items you have decided to sell, gift, or donate. Label these bins with the appropriate purpose — whether you are selling, gifting, or donating — so you know where these bins will be going before or after you get the keys to the new place. This can especially help you before the move as you decide which items are best kept by you and which of them are not. That way, you can begin the next chapter in your new apartment free of all the things you know no longer serve you. If you are in a time crunch and need to sort later, that is okay, too! Just remember either way that this is an excellent way to organize things that you just do not find a need for anymore.

Focus on Space and Design

            Take the measurements of your new apartment and start to coordinate the rooms with the furniture and accessories that you currently own. You will be shocked to see how many things may or may not fit in a new space in comparison to the space you are currently in. Some pieces of furniture — like side tables, chests of drawers, chairs, and others — might need to be rearranged in your new space. This is where you can get really creative! Move some things around, switch this for that, and you might be surprised to see how interchangeable your furniture can be.

            However, if you are transitioning into a smaller space, you may need to think about what certain large pieces need to be sold, gifted, or donated. You still want your new pad to reflect who you are, but it should be comfortable and refrain from being too cramped. Choose your most valued pieces of furniture and accessories and run with those. Then, ultimately, all the things you hold most dear can be kept nice and tidy in your new home!

Moceri Companies: Luxury Apartments for Rent in Oakland Township

            Moceri offers premium residences incorporating stunning interiors with designer touches and upscale elegance in every room. The unique amenities include designer kitchens, upscale flooring, and refined fixtures that are delightful conveniences in every apartment for rent in Oakland Township! The creative exterior finishes and breathtaking natural landscape of each community are original to Luxe Living for Lease homes. No detail was overlooked to create exterior finishes and landscaping never offered in an apartment lease in Oakland Township.

            Heron Springs Townhomes and Apartments are located just south of Silverbell Rd. and east of M-24, conveniently located near I-75. Tribute Creek Apartment Homes are just west of Adams Rd., south of Silverbell Rd., and around the corner from I-75.

            Each is surrounded by award-winning restaurants, first-class shopping including Somerset Mall, Great Lakes Crossing, and The Village of Rochester, and downtown Rochester featuring Main Street beautifully decorated for the season’s greetings. There are social outlets such as Meadowbrook Hall, Museum and Amphitheatre, DTE Energy Music Theatre, and movie theatres as well as excellent schools and universities. There is an abundance of public recreational facilities in the area as well as many private golf and country clubs. With an apartment for lease in Oakland Township from Moceri Companies, you will find only the finest amenities and activities near you!

            For four generations, the Moceri name has been synonymous with residential real estate excellence in Michigan. Let Moceri help you find your dream home today and lease only the best apartments in Oakland Township!

            To learn more about Moceri Luxe Living for Lease in Oakland Township, Rochester, and Auburn Hills, click the info links below for Heron Springs Townhomes and Apartments and Tribute Creek Apartments in Oakland Township. For any additional information about our various properties here at Moceri, please access the links below, or give us a call today!

Heron Springs Townhomes and Apartments
4100 Heron Springs Blvd.
Lake Orion, MI 48359
(248) 656-0800

Tribute Creek Apartments
3017 Tribute Creek Dr.
Oakland Township, MI 48306
(248) 617-7000

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